Friday, January 30, 2004

So I had this dream, right...

Yea. So, I had this crazy f'n dream where I was on a beach, fighting with some big damn lions. The problem was that the big damn lions were avoiding all the other bathers. They were only targeting my sorry ass. The ocean was teeming with sharks, so there was no refuge there. Eventually, I dove into the kitty-squabble with some good ol' hand-to-hand, beating back the cats with ferocity. As I was swinging, they got smalller and smaller, shrinking until they were but kittens. I got out without a scratch and made my way to the jungle-hut-in-the-trees (like an ewok house or some shit) where I was apparently staying (I owned it or something). It was dark, and there was a loud party going down.

My friend Chuck was drunk, and he fell off the balcony, dropping about 40 feet to the roots of the tree below. He hit head first. It didn't bother him. He scrambled back up the ladder and did it again. And again. And again, until others started doing the same thing. I kicked it by the keg, while all my monkey friends fell off the porch(es) like goddamn lemmings, laughing my ass off. As long as they weren't getting hurt, it was funny, I guess (dream logic is hard to explain). Eventually, the party got lame and it was time to depart for the mainland.

Carol, Vance, a girl I didn't know, and I set out driving through the dunes in a rental. It was pitch-black, and they were all blasted-drunk (they were dropping off the balconies too). Somehow, Carol was behind the wheel instead of the only sober element present: me (irony is a funny self-portrait indeed). We careened through the dunes until we got completely lost, and came upon some abandoned hotel-esque place. It was dark, save for a couple of dim streetlamps, and flickering lights inside. We set up camp in a dank room with overturned furniture, no door to the hallway, and a broken window.

As soon as I was about to nod off (strange to try and fall asleep in a dream), I got this awful first-person vision from some "thing" roaming around outside, near the hotel. It was pissed, and I got the sense that it was searching for us. Our arrival did not go unnoticed. As I felt it getting more and more agitated, and noticed from my vision that it was moving quicker, I felt the need to wake everyone up and move to another part of the hotel. We all got up, quickly packed our crap, and started running through the empty hallways of the broken hotel. After exiting through a back door, it became apparent that we were in a compound of some sort. A compound where something heinous had occured in the recent past. Felt like it was hastily abandoned, out of fear, kind of like the colony buildings from Aliens II, hella creepy.

As we charged down alleyways, across courtyards, through empty warehouses, and over buildingtops, I continued to receive the "vision" from the "thing's" point-of-view (much like the filming style for 28 Days Later, when you were looking through the eyes of one of the zombies as it raged about), and it was following us - no - HUNTING us through the compound. We were being tracked, and it was becoming more and more enraged as time went by. We continued running, until I felt that it was entirely too close. Just like the lion situation on the beach, I felt it was time to take a stand. So we dropped our belongings and began to fortify a section of hallway within an empty office building.

Carol insisted on using pillows, fluffy-pink-goddamn-throw-pillows, to create a barrier at the most vulnerable end of the hallway. I kicked my foot through her pile of pillows, and as I began to recommend something more stable, the vision hit - REAL hard.

The thing, whatever it was, was in the building, and about 5 seconds from entering our hallway. No time to react, we all just stood there behind a crumbled pile of throw pillows, waiting to meet the hunter.

It frothed and shreiked its enraged self through the building up to the corner before our hallway. Immediately before it rounded that corner, and gave us the opportunity to see it (and my ability to see us, through the thing's eyes), I woke up with a gasp.

Soaked in sweat.

Never figured out what kind of "thing" my mind had created, but I do know that I don't want to fight any goddamn lions. Bank on that.