Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Last Week On Other Internets...

Good ol’ Truesdays…

I get all upset about that crazy fucker up in New England who went apeshit in a gay bar, and then went off to kill his online girlfriend and whatever. Dude needed some serious help, but found the internet instead.

Last week I kinda poked some good fun at the SxSW debacle that’s heading our way. The disaster that is… The Austin’s Lifeblood Festival… it’s a tempered disdain though. I always have a good time when the douche-balloon circus rolls into town. Always!

This week’s Truesday focused on that good-time holiday that we just breezed through. The most Hallmarkish of all Hallmark Holidays: You’re A Shitty Boyfriend Day! And that's AWESOME!

I swear I'll write up more on the Birthday Bender, but I'm behind on other shit. So there's that.