Monday, November 20, 2006

Some sort of book or whatever

No No No. I haven’t mentioned anything about my book on here yet. Why? Because I’m not trying to pimp it wide-scale. It needs to marinate for a minute. Incubate. Crouch before the pounce. Something else clich├ęd and milquetoast. I’m doing a reading-type thing at a bar, and then I’m going back home for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to be stressing this shit whilst vacationing in beautiful Houston, TX.

Man, what a shiiiiiiiithole.

Can’t WAIT.

So, until then, I’ll leave a link up here to the site that’s publishing it “on demand” which translates to “fucking expensive as hell per copy”. But, them’s the breaks when a writer doesn’t go to a large-scale publisher from the start.

That will have to come after some traction, by my own definition, is found.

Word and all that goodness. Happy Turkey Day to any/every.