Friday, September 10, 2004

Anonymous posted, I accidentally deleted...

So, an anonymous post was made to yesterday's entry:

1 I only thought you were an asshole when you are drunk

2 I am wrong

3 Your an asshole

4 Sorry, I take my work home

H. Keller

To which, I respond-commented:

Helen, I presume? How tactful. You are, indeed, my first... anonymous... flame-poster. You rock.

1 True, I only was not an asshole when I are drunk

2 Right on sister, praise Jesus.

3 My what? Is that "an asshole" mine? Free? What?

4 Thanks for bringing your "work" here.

But, when I went to see whether or not the formatting of my retort-post was acceptable (sometimes the date-stamp is too damn close to the final sentence, and you have to add space for that crap after you post), I ended up clicking on this little dash below the anonymous post by accident, and it was "deleted", without ceremony. That little dash killed the brilliance of Anonymous Keller. Gee whiz. I'll figure out how to undo the "delete" later. I'm too tired to fish through the interface of this thing, looking for repost functionality. For now, I just back-buttoned and copied the genius of H. Keller for this post (in an actual entry). To this end, Keller, you are a lucky turd. But you need an editor even more than I do. I hate spelling, my word choice has been described as "contrived" (uppity Econ professor from college told that to me... whatever teach), and my grammar mistakes are legion, but damn... you are a real piece of work. Get your older high school brother to proofread your flame-posts kid. Kudos, regardless, for the effort.

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