Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here's to the big 4-0

Apparently, this is post number 40. My how posts fly. To mark the occasion, I will look back at my time here on blogger. A brief retrospective on what I have absorbed in this digispace.

In my weeks of blogging (it is still a relatively new phenomenon for me), I have learned a few things that may help others to control and contain any potential shitty blogging behavior (not that I have mine under control or anything).

ze' leeeest:

1) Not everyone wants to comment on your posts. That should go without saying. Some people just like to read. They have nothing to say to you about whatever you might be rambling about. Besides, most people do not post in a way that invites comments. Without questions, you will get no answers. Blah blah blah.

2) Not everyone wants you to comment on their posts. Some people are really touchy about this. Especially if they don't know you. I know, I know: if they make their blog public, then they should expect strangers to run across and read it. If they are interesting, then they should expect some feedback. Right? Well, not everyone looks at it that way. Some bloggers are more similar to that old man in your childhood neighborhood, yelling at you to "get the hell off" his lawn. Almost like a graffiti artist who won't allow photos. Weird. Takes all kinds I guess.

3) Posting everyday is not necessary. Some seem to think that they MUST post everyday. Well, this just waters the whole thing down. Trite posts are just that. Trite. If you don't really feel like posting anything, then don't go through all the effort to show me you feel that way. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe you'll have something to say then.

4) Get your photos hosted somewhere. Stories are sooooo much better, and more interesting with visual accompaniment. I am too lazy to do so, but I still recognize the benefits.

5) There are some VERY talented writers in blogland. Some of these fuckers need to be printed. Gooooogle might want to consider a "best of" public blog entries. Some of my favorites are This Chick-Lit site (great fiction site, more of a pseudo-blog), this nice woman from Canada (she is a writer, and that makes sense), this no-nonsense storyteller (his life, and stories, are interesting more for the fact that he goes about it all without apology, without judgment), and My brother (because the wit and care he puts into every sentiment expressed is beyond impressive, and quite possibly beyond us all).

6) Do not post anything out in blogland that you would be embarrassed by if your mother discovered it. Because she will. That's how the interweb works (against you). My advice: make sure you don't care what Mom thinks of you. Yes. Very pleasant.

7) Anonymous posting should definitely be allowed, but moderated. Otherwise, crazed 12-year-old boys will inundate your page with their obnoxious experiments with newfound curse words. No one wants to wade through all that jibbah-jabbah to get to the meat of your posts, so delete that bubbling-hormone-bullshit with extreme prejudice.

More coffee. Less typing.


firedancerdancin said...

if my mother found my blog I would have to die. She's computer illiterate though so i'm really not worried about it. :-)

Truecraig said...

I went ahead and gave my parents the address. It shouldn't matter. I will give them the opportunity to feel however they prefer to feel. As long as they have the full story, then I will be happy with their disappointment. WHOO-HOO!

Jonnie 7-11 said...

Congrats on the big 40!
Hopefully there will be many more to come!!!

ladykaen said...

40! wow, yer like a blogdult now. cool.

..but i'm not nice!!
grumble grumble

(..not working, is it? sigh. nice it is then.)

Truecraig said...

Sorry Kaen, but no. You are still quite nice. Impressive effort otherwise. But still...