Monday, March 07, 2005


Yes. This is a big ol’ blanket email, begging for something or other. Yes, you can feel free to delete it. Yes, you can feel free to molotov cocktail my ride.


Nix that last one. I need it to get to work tomorrow.

I have a slight favor to ask… I have a friend (as many people do, even lowly folk such as myself), who has just recently moved to Chicago for a job. So he’s new to that scene. And even though I have never been there myself, I have heard that it kicks MUCH ass. And if I moved there, I would probably appreciate a friendly guide. Someone to have lunch with. Borrow large sums of unreturned money. That kind of thing.

But this is not ME we’re talking about here. This is John-John (‘in the know’) or John Nguyen (‘out the know’).

So do you know any peeps in Chicago that would be willing to show John-John around? Really, I would be doing them a favor by introducing them to the badassedness that is: John-John. Trust me. J-J is good people. Your friends are good people. They could all be good people together. Learning about Chicago.


So let me know if you have some connections, who know where the interesting spots are. The down bars. The best coffee shops. The hipster locales. The hip-hop bars where security maliciously sprays mace, indiscriminately into large, over-crowded rooms. He especially likes those places.

Shout out to a brutha! By email, comment, whatever.


Glitzy said...

If your buddy likes tequila, he should check out a restaurant called Salpicon They have a tequila menu which has a connosieurs section. The food is also pretty kick ass.

Thanks for blog rolling me. I will blog roll you in kind.

Truecraig said...

Well hello Glitzy! Thank you most kindly for the recommendations. I will pass them to the appropriate Chi-town dwellers.

Thanks for the shout-out!