Monday, April 11, 2005

Computers Prove My Laziness

My computer at home ate itself this weekend. BACK UPS people, BACK YOUR SHIT UP. I did not back up everything, because I thought it would simply take too damn long to copy all those music, photo, image, and text files over to solid state media.

Well, it’s going to take FORfuckingEVER to reproduce all of it, if I am unable to pull it off my dead-ass hard drive. Much of it is irreplaceable. The music was never scored. The stories were only outlined, so I only have the designs for the skeletal frames, with all the fleshy words being flushed by my lack of foresight. The photos? Fucking forget it.

Sometimes, it’s hard to look yourself in the eye after things like this happen. I have no excuses. It was simple, brazen, stupidity-driven laziness.

Damn you laziness!

So. Back to square one, which has me pacing somewhere between livid and violent, talking myself down from great heights. Fucking irritating.

Such is life.

And to properly mark how crazy and unpredictable life truly is, I am going to tell a story. Because that’s how I roll. With a dab of butter. Maybe some strawberry jelly. When the computers of the tough get breaking, the tough get writing. And as I am typing this, I have no idea what story I will be telling. It will be a true story, it will probably be ridiculous, and I will not censure it in any way. Fuck it. I am going to tell Drink Story #10. You’ve waited long enough for one of the classics, and I could rant about my shitty computer until every last drop of spittle has flown from my rabid jaw. But that would be so zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Here goes. Well, in the post below this one.


Lisa said...

Dude, that fucking sucks. Same thing happened to me at the first of the year. Lost all kinds of stuff - most importantly many of my business files. Much had been backed up but still.

Sara said...

As if you care, and as if this will make you feel better, I will now tell you a story. I had a computer with a plethora of music and picture files on it. It pretty much served as a jukebox/slideshow in our house. One day it met with my floor in a way I don't care to discuss. So I took my tax money and bought a new one. I had been trying to transfer the data from the busted ass computer (which turned out not to be so much busted as it was now ugly) and was attempting to burn files onto cd's with my mom's janky external drive and had managed to at least get the photos on disc and transferred (which was what really truly mattered of course)when this past weekend, my new computer met with the same (yet much more severe) fate as my last one. Not only that, the old one got taken along for the ride. I am sunk and suppressing a deep down destructive and vengeful rage.

Devil in a red dress named liz said...

I'm really sorry. Same thing happened to me 6 months ago. All my nude photos. Gone.

Sean said...

Ahhh the perils of dependence a prosthetic memory. I hate computers. I only damage them intentionally, so I've never had an "accident" but I have lost data due to catastrophic physical hardware failures. And it scuffed my boot, too.

Debbie said...

I am so sorry. That happened to me at work, and my entire database vanished, poof, like Kaiser Soze.

At least it was only work shit.

dungsta said...

i actually once had a supervisor erase 3/4ths of a paper i wrote off the top of my head for a research methods and design class.. i re-wrote it in 45minutes then hauled major dung-booty to UH during rush hour(all the back street were my beyach that day) and ended up being the first one to arrive...i got a B+ but didn't get my profs. number which is what i really wanted....: (

Truecraig said...

Thanks so much for the support.

Lisa - My computer failure pales in comparison to the issues I've seen you go through. I am humbled.

Sara - express your vengeful rage by taking a bat to large fruit. Watermelon are especially delightful, but cantaloupes are fun too! I am most sad about losing my pictures too. Hopefully, both of our photo collections can be recovered.

Liz - Sorry to hear about the nudes. That's always a shame!

Two T's - Yes, I have born witness to your explosive anti-computer venom. I've seen keyboards shatter like glass, and computers that had to be duct-taped back together. It was all very entertaining (but not at the time).

Deb - I wish it was my work computer. I don't keep anything on it locally, only on shared drives. So I couldn't give less of a fuck if it died.

Dungmeister - I had a similar problem to yours, back in college, when the computer lab ate my paper (also being written on the spot). It was a paper on the Economic Development of China, Past-Present-(Recommended) Future. They had to pull it off of their TAPE back-up as a text file, with absolutely no formatting. It was a 30 some-odd page paper WITH formatting (and that was fucking UNDERGRAD, damnit), and 8 pages without. No paragraphs, spacing, or anything. It was god-awful.

I got an extension for it. Word.