Monday, June 13, 2005

Note To Self: Calm Down, Cheer the Fuck Up.

Lots to say. No good way to say it. No sugar in my bowl at the moment. So I’ll shut up until I can say something constructive. Well, I won’t pontificate on any subject, anyhow. But for my own sake, I can jot down the main veins of my current consideration.

** Morals vs. Ethics, and why the line gets accidentally crossed.
The idiot vacuum that is: western media.
** Why Hallmark is the bane of everyone’ existence.
The art of being understood by others, and why it is mythical.
** Why babies-of-different-families make difficult (yet worthy) couples.
Fairness vs Justice vs Reasonableness, and why it’s so important to know the difference.
** Why you should start looking for your life now, and how it will NOT happen otherwise.

But again, I have nothing kind to say on these topics at the moment. So I’ll leave them be until I can properly compose myself, and stop shitting all over everything I come into contact with.

What I would give for a cup o’ coffee right now… Damnit.


firedancerdancin said...

aw craig--i, myself, am a little jaded with the world at times, but figure at SOME point it's gotta start looking up, right???!!!???

hope things start looking up for you too! take care!

"cause you can't jump the track,
we're like cars on a cable,
and life's like an hourglass,
glued to the table.
no one can find the rewind button boy, so just cradle you head in your hands....and breathe, just breathe."

;-) yeah. those damn crappy radio songs.

Anonymous said...

Dude, for a couple of months now I fell like i'm being slapped around with stop signs like a little bitch. Also I've been very moody lately. Ohh hum...what to do, what to do? Fuck it. I think A can of Redbull will put a smile on me.
brother nick.

Debbie said...

True, I feel you. I hate it when I feel like the whole world is unifying - and as beautiful as that sounds - unifying against me.

At least your coupledum is worthy. Just think about that.

oscar said...

I got you a suprise, If you want to wait you can wait, but if you want something to cheer you up, I'm going to past a picture of it on my blog tonight.

Glitzy said...'s late and I needs to get me some sleep. I read this line:
No sugar in my bowl at the moment


No sugar in my bowel at the moment. Woo boy.

Hope your day got better.

Sean said...

Glitzy, do you know how fucking funny that is?

Craig- get it? Sugar in your bowel?
bwuahahahahahh ahaha ahhahaha hahah

Truecraig said...

Glitzy, you have NO idea how appropriate your misreading was/is (and how happy you've made my kick-ass brother). And by "appropriate", I mean: really fucked up in a " what?-Dianetics-is-right?-Oh-fuck-me-with-a-chainsaw," kind of way. But that's cool. 'Cause my ass really is broken...

TwoTits: You sir, are the beacon to all things true in life. Or is that bacon? God I love bacon.

O: that is the exact hat I have always made fun of!!!! I will wear it with the pride of two-hundred douche balloons. In public. It really brightened my day. Word.

Deb: Yes, I am doing my best to hold my coupledom in the highest regard. Ups n' downs included. Best of luck in Montreal!!!

Brother Nick: Man, you know the feeling. When the shitstorm hits, and the turd-hail is denting the fuck out of your sense of well-being... sometimes we just have to wait it out. The solution is beyond us at the moment.

Mel: Best to you and your brood. And that song, while cheesy in its own way, still has a really solid sentiment. Seriously. Critics will be critics, but fuck it. I like what I like godammnit. Thanks.