Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Other Alief Stories.

For anyone who gives two shits, there are already three Alief Stories buried in this here blog's log. Wait, that's redundant and unnecessarily repetitive. Plus, "log" is already part of "blog". AND, it's in there already too.

Moving on.

Many of you have already read these, so don't go expecting any new shit. This is what is called a "montage post". Where I just refer back to some shit I wrote MONTHS ago. It saves me from accidental re-hashing of the same stories, so we're all better off for my use of the montage. Word.

This is the one where Skot and I order a pizza, and get it home in time to be shot at, while my mother freaks. The Skot & Craig Try With Limited Success to Eat a Pizza Incident.

This is the one where Brother Nick and I almost get caught in a moment of pure stupidity (feel free to guess who is who in the story, because I'm not going back and changing the names). I have other, similar stories to this one. But I have not written them yet. The Thieves vs the Stupid Topiary incident.

And here is where the combination of hostile youth and brazen stupidity run head-long into the Foley's at West Oaks Mall. IDIOTS. But this was a typical thing to experience for just about any teen, not just those from Tha Lief. The Thieves vs Foley's Incident.

Peace, word, and all that kickassery.


Anonymous said...

"kickassery" , i love it man!! Something about this word just moves me in a "kickassery" sort of way. tanx.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Man, you've got write a screenplay or something. I would pay $9 to see these stories on the big screen... or nothing to see them on the little screen. But the point is I'd watch.

Truecraig said...

Dungsta: feel free to use that word whenever and wherever you feel it appropriate. Since it is not a word in any official sense, you can use it at church. Well, if you went to places like that, anyway.

GWAA: I always write as if I were trying to build a scene and situation in a very particular way in the mind of the reader. Perhaps that would translate to a screenplay, perhaps not. Regardless, I certainly hope that the scenes which play out in your head whilst reading my stories, entertain you thoroughly. That's all I'm trying to do for now. Express and entertain (whenever possible). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It would be a trip to see these stories on the screen. It would be funky fresh stupid yo!!! HAHAHA. Maybe a collaborated effort, hummm...I dunno.

brother nick

Sean said...

John Ngyuen and I talked about writing a tv show about alief highschool life in the late 80's/early 90's, since it was such a unique place (given that it's in Houston).

So many great, true stories. All the coming of age stories with great angles on race and class that are so clear in the context of Elsik/Hastings back then.

It would have been called "C Lunch"

Truecraig said...

Nick: if I ever get paid to write something where I shall need your area of expertise, trust me, I'll be calling.

Bro-ski: That is a brilliant idea. I believe you guys should still be considering such a show. I'll talk to John-John about it this weekend while in Chicago.

Peace and word to all.