Tuesday, July 26, 2005


An old friend of mine just contacted me about a friend of his who is in desperate need of a liver transplant. Her liver has shut down entirely, two months from her wedding. She needs a complete liver IMMEDIATELY in order to survive. I'm talking DAYS not weeks.

Forward the link, or email liverforalife@yahoo.com if you have a direct connection to a transplant.

Please check it out, and do whatever you can. Not having a spare liver of my own, this is the best I can do.


firedancerdancin said...

hey randon craig, you have email. thanks so much for your help. :-)

firedancerdancin said...

wow. i'm a dumbass. i didn't have time to read the post, so i just left an idiot reply regarding your email. I apologize for my insensitivity.

*bangs head on desk repeatedly*


Truecraig said...

Ain't no thang. Besides, a-lot more people read a post when it has comments attached (even if they're unrelated).