Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Words, Spreading Like Fungus?

I have started to write for Austinist (not "THE Austinist", just "Austinist"). This is part of my cleanup plan. Another element in my effort to keep out of trouble, although it will probably require more effort than what is required to write a free-column. However, Austinist is by far my favorite Austin-based site to see what the hell is going on around here. Most other publications are old and shitty.

Theirs is tip fucking top. And hopefully I will be able to write in almost the same way I get to rant here. Tell some stories. Act like I know things that I clearly have no clue about. Ramble on and on about details of issues no one cares about. It will be awesome. And you are more than welcome to drop by Austinist periodically to check it out. And if you live here in Austin, feel free to send me any information you have on art openings, parties, shows, independent film screenings, new bars, whatever. I'm no journalist, but I can get that info to the right people and spread your word.

Word to words.


Texas Biscuit said...

Funny review on Club Deville. We still have loads and loads of places to check out in Austin, but might just put it near the top of the list. Love. Heavy. Pours. Of course, I'll be sure to stop off at the McD's for a potty break before the melee begins!

I didn't see a bio for TrueCraig though! Maybe it is in the works?

Truecraig said...

Ben Brown, the editor, controls when and if I get a profile. He may a bit dubious about my presence on their site. I'm not a journalist, and I don't intend to pretend. So, like I said, it might be short-lived! Whatever man. I can only do what I do.