Monday, September 19, 2005

ACL AFTERPARTIES on Saturday Night! Free!

Both are on Saturday night, so there's a slight conflict, but I plan to attend both anyway. Even after an entire day in the sun with the beer and the burn and the dirty feet. Yes.

The first, is with Austinist (that's that online zine that I write for, periodically) and Trojan condoms: and it should be much fun since all the bands are quality local acts. That's right. Rubbers. Get there early to make sure you're covered.


It's at the Velvet Spade, next door to Club Deville (ahhhhh, Club Deville...).

Here's the flyer

The Second, is at Karma Lounge, and it will feature Ceeplus (Eric, for those who actually know him) and a couple of the guys from Boys and Girls Club in Houston. If you are familiar with the B & G crew, then I need to add nothing more to this invite. Beautiful insanity. Tommie Sunshine is the headliner, but to be honest, I am not familiar with his work. So there's that.

Print out whatever you need, and be sure you get however many jimmy hats you require. No lists to get on. Just show your ass up. Word.


Pisser said...

Trojan maaaaan.

G*d but I hate those commercials.

Truecraig said...

Is he worse than the Ikea-bot? At least you know what his motives are. Keeps it simple, you know?

Anonymous said...

I would like to kick-it up there with good company and a bottle of beer but, I'll be swimming this weekend and trying out my sea legs.

brother nick.

Debbie said...


This Canadian girl is ignorant of Texas geography. How is the weather treating you?

If you need at take a break from the storms, come to Montreal.

We could drink and shit.

Truecraig said...

We're fine here in Austin. Houston (and the surrounding area) is all kinds of crazy at the moment. I think the evacuation hysteria will cause as much damage, if not more, than the hurricane itself.

Right now, obviously, the weather all over Texas is really nice. A little hot, but nice! Thanks for the booze-partner offer. I'll take you up on that someday.


Sean said...

dude, we should totally go to montreal. I was thinking for my next vacation I wanted to go either there or japan.

japan is too expensive, so montreal trumps it anyways.

Debbie said...

It's decided, come to Montreal, c'est fantastique!

Anonymous said...

Damn, ya'll up there drinking and making merry. Fuck, i'm down here with my skinny-ass trying not to blow away. Fuck it, CHEERS!

brother nick.