Friday, November 04, 2005

Metabullshit Post. Yes, I suck. Uh-huh. Yeah.

Okay. So I haven’t posted much around these parts lately. That’s because I’m lazy and have a “work” problem (as in: I need to do work to pay bills and shit) + a “drinking” problem (as in: if I go out I drink. I go out a-lot. I drink a-lot. And the hangovers just bleed into one another).

But I write elsewhere. Namely: here. But they don’t archive things too well, and some friends have complained that they never catch any of my shitty writing up there. So, I dug all up in that bitch and found some links. If you’re tired of reading my crap, then stop torturing yourself.

Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

A-lot of what I do is just for information purposes. I originally intended to write with more of a satirical stance, but that style met some pretty strong resistance and has since given way to pretty text-book hack-journalism. If I continue writing for them, I will have to find some way to periodically return to my pointier roots. Otherwise, I will bore myself to death whilst simply pimping shit I like through their site. Which is not the point of the thing.

Regardless, for those who missed my Austinist post-things:

I did a book review for Ben Reed’s The Bow Tie Gang. Good fucking book, if you’re literate.

I relayed my experience at EXTRAVAGASM 2005. No one read the thing, because people honestly HATE sex. I don’t get it.

I got all controversial with this half-baked opinion piece on the Austin Smoking Ban. People get so touchy over this shit.

I got to interview local DJ legend, DJ Mel. I don’t really like interviews, so I asked him ridiculous shit. I feel that it exposes more of their true character, and Mel is as crazy as me. So it worked out.

I wrote an open letter to the shittiest freeway intersection. The shittiest ever.

I told the bats underneath the Congress Ave bridge to get a real goddamn job. Freeloading, flying rats.

And we wrote a little ditty about this fucked-up 5k we have here in weird-town. Keep Austin Weird! And really fucking hot! With some bacon and ice cream, but no beer! Alright! Super-sweet alright!

I say goddamn!


Debbie said...

True, you gotta go to this:

Lycan said...

That Austin smoking ban pisses me off and I don't even live there.

People don't go to bars for health reasons (drinking, skanking, fights with boyfriend of skank) and most of the non-smokers at bars are amateurs who go out twice a year and expect everyone else to bend over for their suburban ass. A far bigger concern is unescorted married women and ugly people at bars yet you don't see me making new laws up against that & stuff.

Pisses me off fiercely.

Truecraig said...

Lots o' politics flying around here.

Debs: I would have gone to that, but I was out of town. The city of Austin may be sued for how the protesters were denied access. Logic was destroyed at the polls anyway, in favor of reactionary rabidity. Meh. We'll figure it out down here in Tejas eventually.

Lycan: The smoking ban is quite the topic of discussion around here. Although you may be jesting (yes, I used that word), I actually agree with your sentiment. Sure, there are logical flaws in it, but it's just an opinion. As is, potentially, the opposition. Herein lies the danger of a referendum (and subsequent ability to appeal such laws into infinity, as the idiot population essentially tries to legislate-NO: mandate public opinion). It’s all shennanigans. We end up pitting preferences, not rights or needs, against each other. This abstraction cloaks some slippery slopes in the realm of individual rights.

To say that smoking should be banned because that is the preference of the majority (not necessarily in the name of HEALTH or SAFETY) then you are ignorantly granting the majority the right to OUTLAW other things they may prefer not exist:

Land rights for immigrants.
Voting rights for blacks.
Public water fountain rights for Pakistanis.
Privacy rights for anyone visiting/originally from Malaysia.

And if you think I’m being unreasonable by taking this logic to its extreme, all I can say is: I said the same thing (that you are saying now) about the original Patriot Act, and I was wrong. And so are you. I don’t care if laws have always been passed this way. Without scientific proof of some related health issue, the ban is logically flawed, and the flaws are gaping.

I need to stop making these long-ass post-length comments. Ridiculousness.

Lycan said...

Oh, I'm not jesting. The smoking bans are immoral, tyrannical and an example of the reason why we have a 2nd amendment -- so we can bloody well shoot our lawmakers whenever they get out of hand.

All I know is, it's fucking stupid to reach into a guy's business, his livelihood and tell him that he has nanny up his patrons. This smoking ban is as flawed as alcohol Prohibition.