Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Alright. So my blog was dead for a week.

It happens. Sometimes, the blog gods look down and say: “man, fuck you and your bullshit navel-gazing. We’re letting this crappy online word-vomit get caught up in your work’s firewall, so that someone in upper management can spend an hour cruising through your stories of covering yourself in various human humors and materials. And they’ll read about how you almost seem proud of it, you idiot.”

And then the gods will add, quite obnoxiously, “Ha. Plus you’re a dick.”

And if you happen to be on your way out of town as you receive notice that your place of paycheck has banned your blog site, specifically, by the admin’s own hand-coding into the firewall/gateway software… well, you might go ahead and cloak your ramblings for a minute or two as well.

Now, well, I just don’t see how it matters.

I just got back from Guanajuato today, and went straight into work, wondering whether or not some sort of shit was going to end up hitting some other sort of fan. Instead, I got hit with a rather tremendous project, which my direct boss, quite understandably, is not interested in tackling alone.

Keep in mind that in my job, rarely am I given truly interesting problems to solve. This problem, however, is fascinating. So it appears that me and my little online graffiti board here, are in no danger of being asked to put together a box. Not anytime soon, anyhow.

Honestly, I try very hard to avoid being fired for anything I do outside of work. My place of business is rather conservative, as it should be, so I do my best to keep the brightest and most blinding (read: obnoxious and offensive) parts of my personality in check.

But I don’t check them here. So, as long as they read this with a sense of humor, then I’m cucumber. Otherwise, I’ll be dialing Houston and shit.

Lot’s of insider commentary there. Like Navajo code. But not even close.

Travel journal to come in the next few days. Lots to ramble about. Word be bond.


Glitzy said...

There you are! I was hoping you hadn't chucked this blog. Phew!

Benji said...

Don't fire Craig. He's true.

Roy said...

I find that the blog gods are much more forgiving after the sacrifice of a small goat, but I tend not to divulge people in my blogging strategies.