Thursday, October 07, 2004

Are you kidding me?

Maybe it is my advancing age, or my personal advancement in the area of cognizance, or even that my diet has changed a bit recently (more breakfast tacos). Whatever the reason, this country is looking more and more insane by the day. I'm just breezing through CNN's kaleidoscope of today's events, and I cannot help but feel disturbed. Here's a re-cap of some crap I'm talkin' 'bout:

1) Dude is nuts. And supremely stupid. And I can say that, without bias (sure, why not?), because I am simply surveying the facts and making a sound assessment. If you want to do someone harm, you don't write them a letter explaining who will be exacting it, and how it will be played out. Never mind the hatred behind it. Stupid people tend to harbor things like hatred. The hatred is more of an easily spotted symptom of stupidity. This guy has a profound case of stunted intellectual ability. "One man Aryan Nation"? Crazy what? Very sad. Very dumb. He should do us all a big favor and get an education before he hurts someone (namely: himself).

2) Presidential (and Vice) debates. Blah blah blah blah nanny-nanny-boo-boo "I have a list here, in my hand, and running in my head, of why I think you suck and I can kick your ass." - "Oh yeah? Well here's MY list on YOU, and it is 12.3% longer than yours on me, and mine contains more granular statistical references based on more current yet galactically more vague data. So there poo-poo head. My dad can kick your dad's butt. Suck. On. It." Moderator: "Issues? Whuzzat? Shut up public, we're trying to have a popularity contest here." We know, we know. You have nothing of any substance to say, and feel the need to wind-bag it all over the media at every opportunity. Phhht.

3) Religion is upon us. Potters House is all up in everything all of a sudden. I remember these knuckleheads from my Alief childhood back in Houston. TD Jakes is a damn good salesman. I appreciate good faith. And I appreciate people finding some kind of meaning to their existence. But I don't believe PH is in business to help anyone but themselves. Zealots should scare you too.

4) Rumsfeld. I don't need to elaborate on the insanity within.

5) Green Day is still referred to as "Punk". No. They are not. Not that they aren't good, but they are no longer punk. Face the facts. No one is. No one has been punk for quite some time. Please let the insanity end. We are all tired of pretending.

6) Somebody patented the fucking combover, 26 years ago. If that isn't nuts... then fuck it. What is?

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