Friday, December 08, 2006

That Girl Sucks, And I Just Don't Care How That Makes Her Feel.

You know what’s funny? People’s feelings. They’re hilarious. Especially the delicate ones. Such as, when you tell someone that they’re being hypocritical or just plain left-fieldy.

And I’m not saying that because I have none of my own snowflakeishly-thin feelings, and I just revel in the smacking-down of others. Oh no. Not by a long shot.

I, myself, am quite the delicate peacock feather. I require constant care and petting. Never a nasty word can be directed toward me, lest I break down into a wave of inconsolable tears and face slaps. I can take criticism, sure. As long as its criticism directed at someone else. I especially hate being critiqued when I’m actually wrong.

That’s the WORST.

There is nothing more heart-wrenching and equally vile as someone explaining to me why I’m wrong when I’m actually wrong. Don’t people KNOW how devastating that kind of honesty can be? That the truth will not set me free? That it will actually become the shackles, cement boots, and shark-filled waters that will END ME? Does anyone out there have any idea how crippling it can be to learn that you’re a complete nimrod of a twatrocket? Anyone?

I didn’t think so. I’m the only one to have withstood undue torture-by-truth. You are all goody-do-nothings.

I mean, let’s say I was driving my car while trying to download some totally sweet ringtones for my brand new Razr Tronphone. And I’m not talking about some super gay Pac Man sounds. I’m talking Nickelback, off the NEW Nickelback album (totally new sound). So I’m driving and downloading some grand-tastic totally sweet NB soundbites to attach to my parole officer’s number. Multi-tasking because I’m trying to be efficient with my time. You know, conserving nature through efficient time-use and whatnot.

To help stop Al Gore’s global warming.

And I accidentally bump into some asshole on a bike who is riding near the CAR LANE. HELLO, it’s for CARS! All the signs are WRITTEN IN CAR, you shit.

And then he ends up seriously hurt or something stupid. I’m still not getting it, really. I mean, how far is a bike from the ground? So, how far could he have fallen anyway? Two feet? I told the cops that he should stop being such a little bitch and come out of his coma already. He’s seriously threatening to ruin my weekend plans with all this “intensive care” bullshit. Shouldn’t his wife and children be responsible for this? Or the orphans he cares for? Where were THEY when he got on a bike instead of a bullet-proof Hummer to get home from work, huh? Am I the only one who cares now?


Anyhow, so the judge is up there in his tent robe, telling me what a bad driver I am! OMG, WHAT AN ASSHOLE! I mean, I know I should have put the car in cruise control and steered properly with my knees instead of just “letting the wheel go” like that, but it’s so mean to say I’m a bad driver in front of other people! Especially in front of strangers. I mean, that judge is seriously endangering my future by ruining my reputation by saying things like that.

What if one of those people in the crowd is the manager for JC Penny and I don’t get that summer job! OMG! I’ll miss out on the Cancun trip!

I should sue him for “honesty of character”. What a dick.


EcamirG said...

HELLO, it’s for CARS! All the signs are WRITTEN IN CAR

Now that is funny.

Debbie said...

Please tell me you don't really listen to Nickelback. It is like they have all America folled into thinking that they are a good band.

Truecraig said...

Nickelback pretty much embodies everything that is wrong with today's media preferences: repetitive, quasi-soul mediocrity wrapped up all shiny-like.

So yeah, Nickelback is fucking brilliant in some respects.

Anonymous said...

If you could only have heard my laugh, OUT LOUD, at work. I am more than happy to laugh at someone else's expense.

I'm still questioning, did you really hit a guy on a bike? And then had to listen to the judge berate your driving skills.

Maybe I *will* have that beer with you tonight?

Benjamin said...

Anonymous doesn't read/listen to the news, and debbie is dumberer.

I feel you, man.

That shit was dark and she got off way too light. Like maybe ass rape in the car pool lane? Or maybe penetrate her pee hole with each spoke from his twisted bicycle?

Have I been hit by cars one time too many? Whatever. At least I only got stitches and nerve damage. Homefry got death. That bitch gets to stand in front of me with twelve items in the 'ten items or less' lane.

I Am An Idiot. said...

Deb is far from dumb. Trust that.

But yeah, that cyclist-slammin' girl (I don't remember her name and I don't feel like looking up the articles right now) needs to get put in her place. Sure, she's young, but DAMN. I'm pretty self-important, but that chick's got a disease of some sort.