Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Will Ferrell: comic hero of our time.

Honestly, I don't know what it is about this guy that makes him such a hoot to me. Honestly, I don't why I used the word "hoot", either.

Ferrell's "Bush pushes the vote"

Goddamn that's entertaining. I almost pissed myself watching that at work. His Bush impression is more campy than parody purist would hope, but he's gearing it more toward potty-humorists than he is diehard satirists. Makes sense then, that I would gravitate toward it. "Low-brow" would be the name of my favorite Jeopardy category (my one fighting chance at some intellectual dosh).

Apple even let's him get away with claiming porn.

Yes, Parfait and porn. Oh, and poop. That all meshes well with Apple. Apple dessert and porn? Sure, why not? Funny mutherplucker.

If it weren't for Ferrell, Old School might have sucked a bit harder. As it stands, he propped up a good portion of the comedy within that flick, and the comedy was what was supposed to carry the plot through. Anyone who goes against that would do best to remind themselves of the injection scene: "You're crazy man, I love you, but you're crazy..." followed by the side-swiping of hapless toddlers as he stammered his slow-mo way into the pool to sink, eyes wide open. "Hello Darkness my old friend..." Anyone could write that, but only Will could pull it off. He killed it, and it made me weep aloud in the theatre.

Face it. He made that movie. He better not go the Hartman route. But then again, no one is as funny as Phil was... is...

Damn you Will Ferrell!

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